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How To Get Started?

POWRBANK in the field

1. Define Your Energy Needs and Goals

Determine your energy requirements, your objectives, and location/application.

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Silent, Zero-Emission, Portable Power

The Ultimate Partner for your Diesel Generator
  • 80% Fewer Emissions
  • 80% Less Runtime
  • 80% Fuel Savings
  • Silence the Noise
  • Reduced Maintenance
Hybrid Power Example with BESS
Seamless Integration with Renewable Sources
  • 100% Zero-Emission Power Solution
  • 100% Silent Power
  • Zero Diesel Usage
  • Zero Generator Maintenance
Backed by a Track Record of Compelling Case Studies

One Year Results: Job Site Trailer Running 24/7
Compared to utilizing only a generator, the set-up, which included a generator, POWRBANK, and two solar skids, resulted in:

  • 94.6% reduction in generator engine runtime
  • 3,245 hours of generator runtime saved
  • 11,357 gallons of fuel saved
  • 254,851 lbs of CO2 emissions avoided
  • $56,787 in fuel cost savings
What POWR2 clients say

The customer saves money on fuel and the neighbors don’t complain about noise.

Ari S.
Owner at Power Rentals
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Will never go back to a traditional generator setup.

Chance W.
Territory Manager – Power & Hvac Services
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POWR2 is the type of sustainability partner we look for.

David S.
Senior VP, Specialty Operations at United Rentals
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Aside from fuel savings, the labor saved is HUGE.

Zach C.
Power Systems Rental Sales Representative at Milton CAT
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