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POWR2 Battery
Energy Management System

On-Demand Energy Control














take charge of your fleet

Seamless Power Operation

You’re in charge of your energy.

Set generator and load timers from ADVANTAGE screen onsite. Command your energy, control the noise and fuel usage.

ADVANTAGE Energy Management System Toggle Timers

Keep stakeholders informed, effortlessly.

Quickly share fuel, CO2, and cost savings. Create and share standard or customized reports. Automatically deliver the data stakeholders want to their inbox before they even have a chance to ask for it.

Stay Informed-high

Shape a more efficient future.

Visualize historical data to identify trends, learn from the past, and take preemptive measures to improve energy efficiency.  Access the data you need for definitive decision making.

Historical Data

Full access anytime, anywhere.

Complete onsite and remote visualization. Always connected, always in control. Turn the POWRBANK on and off remotely from ADVANTAGE software.

Advantage POWR2 V3-high

Control, customize, and scale.

Optimize generator operation with Input Current Limit and Remote Control. Set multiple generator timers based on algorithms and according to your requirements.

ADVANTAGE ECM Generator Control

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Savings

Manage Your Fleet From Anywhere, Anytime

Reduce Downtime and Recover Quickly

From generator alerts to power outages, respond and recover quickly for reduced downtime. Get key information immediately in the hands of the people who need it.


Adapt to Changing Needs Remotely

Save labor, save time. Respond to changes in power strategy immediately by controlling generators, batteries and loads remotely.


BESS Grouping for Complete Savings

Group battery systems by jobsite, location, end-user, or fleet to visualize and run reports on all data from all grouped battery systems together.


Increase and Protect Asset Life

Battery and generator health monitoring protects asset life by ensuring that the battery and generator are being used efficiently.