Emission Free, Silent, Efficient, Portable Power


Intelligent Hybrid Power Systems



Silent, People-friendly Power

The perfect power solution for events. Extended noise and emission free periods that event management will love. Cut ambient generator noise for a better attendee experience.

Low Load Solution for Generators

Do you have to deal with external solutions like load banks, service calls and downtime because of light loads? Learn about the POWR2 POWRBANK as the new low load solution.

Achieve what Tier 4 doesn't

CO2 emissions can be drastically reduced with the use of POWR2 Hybrid Energy Systems. An amazing opportunity for corporate environmental protection strategies.

How POWR2 POWRBANKs Work on Construction Sites

Watch this quick explainer video to learn how POWR2 POWRBANKs have transformed the way forward thinking construction comapnies handle thier on-site power requirements.

POWR-FACT #1 - 86% of Generators are Over-sized

#1 in our new video series – 86% of Generators are Over-sized for the Job.

How Hybrid Power Saves Contractors Money AND Generates Revenue for Rental Companies.

In this 3 minute animated video POWR2 explains how Hybrid Power Systems save contractors money AND generate more revenue for rental companies.