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The use of energy storage for temporary power applications is a relatively newer concept. The technology is straightforward but often unfamiliar. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that companies ask when they are considering the POWRBANK energy storage solution for temporary power applications.

How long does the POWRBANK battery last?

The POWRBANK battery duration depends on the rate at which power is used and the energy storage system size. Duration can be calculated by dividing the battery size (kWh) by load in kW. For example, a customer using a 30kWh POWRBANK and an average of 2kW, will get around 15 hours of power at full charge. If they are using an average of 1kW, the battery will last over 30 hours on a single charge.

How much power can the POWRBANK supply?

The POWRBANK comes in a variety of sizes and models. Stock products give power outputs ranging from 5kVA to 90kVA. We also offer bespoke energy solutions and encourage companies to reach out to our team for more information on those.

What is the output supply voltage?

The standard POWRBANK output supply voltage can be found on our product page.

How noisy is the POWRBANK?

Without a diesel generator running, the energy system is inaudible. There may be some fan noise when the unit is working hard, but this is only detectable when you stand very close. When the POWRBANK is in use, you can even hold a conversation at a normal talking level while standing directly next to the unit. 

Acoustic Pressure: @ 3ft: Trace, @ 10ft: 0

What maintenance is required?

The POWRBANK is virtually maintenance-free. Users should be sure that the state of charge never falls below 10%. The unit should have a full charge before placing it in storage. A constant AC single-phase supply should be connected to the dedicated maintenance charge input when it is in storage.

What is the typical asset life of a POWRBANK battery?

The POWRBANK uses lithium-ion batteries rated for 6,000 cycles with a maximum of 20% derating over that time.  So, in a scenario where the unit is at a 70% utilization rate and cycles 3 times per day, the batteries will last well over 10 years.

How do I determine which size battery is right for my application?

When still becoming familiar with the POWRBANK, we recommend contacting our team to determine which model best for a specific application. We would be glad to do an evaluation to see if it’s a candidate for battery and if so, which POWRBANK is suitable.

Contact our team for answers to more POWRBANK FAQ.