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Optimize Generator Operations with Industrial Energy Storage

The POWRBANK is an industrial energy storage solution that can assist with optimizing the operation of diesel generators. They work seamlessly together to cut fuel usage, lower CO2 emissions, and reduce regularly scheduled maintenance tasks.  

Generator Oversizing

In temporary power applications like on construction sites, the peak power demand will often dictate the size generator that is used for the job. However, the load can fluctuate significantly throughout the day as HVAC systems and power equipment is turned on and off. In most cases, this means the generator will be oversized for much of the job. This oversizing is inefficient in both fuel burn and costs.

By design, diesel generators are at their optimal efficiency when they are running close to their maximum output. Extended periods of low load will impact engine health, increase maintenance frequency, and reduce the overall lifespan of the genset. Using a generator that is oversized for the job also causes an unnecessary amount of CO2 emissions.  Every gallon of diesel burned produces about 22lbs of CO2. Millions of gallons of diesel are used every day, adding up to a major negative impact on our environment. Today, many companies are looking for solutions to meet new clean energy regulations and aggressive company targets to offset their carbon footprint.

The Impact of a Hybrid Power System

Reduce Genset Fuel Usage and Maintenance Tasks

The POWRBANK industrial energy storage system can alleviate many of the issues caused by generator oversizing. The POWBANK works in connection with the generator so that a smaller generator can be used onsite. The POWRBANK will be the main source of power for the load. When the load is greater than the power the battery can supply, it will call on the generator to assist. The POWRBANK will also call on the generator when the battery is low. In this hybrid power application, the generator only runs when the battery needs to be charged, or when supplemental power is needed for a large load.

Hybrid power systems greatly reduce diesel engine runtime. In typical applications, a diesel genset will charge the POWRBANK in about 4 hours.  That means, when power is needed 24 hours a day, the POWRBANK saves 20 hours of runtime on the generator. Reducing engine runtime significantly lowers fuel usage. The genset will need less frequent maintenance and refueling.   

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Along with reduced diesel engine runtime, comes reduced CO2 emissions. This is especially important today as companies strive to meet aggressive CO2 emission reduction targets. The POWRBANK can help companies meet their sustainability goals and adhere to strict emissions regulations that may be in place. On job sites using a diesel genset, integrating a POWRBANK industrial energy storage system can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

Silence Generator Noise

POWR2 energy storage systems run completely silent. Instead of having unwanted loud noise from a generator, the POWRBANK can provide power for long, silent periods. This benefit can be especially useful in areas with noise restrictions.

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