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POWR2 POWRBANK Pro Sales Training

Powr2 POWRBANK Pro Sales Training

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Introduction to POWR2

About – POWR2 is an Energy Storage Company that is dedicated to creating a world powered by clean energy. Our Energy Storage Systems are used in a wide range of temporary applications integrating with diesel generators, the grid, or renewables maximizing the use of battery power for the electrical load.

Locations – New York | Madrid | London


Overview of Hybrid Power

The Hybrid Concept

When the generator is supplying power to the site, the excess power is used to recharge the batteries.

The generator is switched OFF and the load is supplied by the Renewable Power System.​ The changeover is seamless and the POWRBANK provides silent power.

The generator restarts when batteries are depleted or when the load in is in excess of what the POWRBANK can support. 

The-POWR2-POWRBANK-Renewable-Power-System-How-it-Works-Lesson 2 Video

The Benefits

Silent Power – With 80% less generator noise applications can enjoy Silent Power. This can be beneficial to applications such as events and sites with noise ordinances.

Less Fuel Consumption and Emissions – With less generator runtime the amount of fuel need would decrease. With less Fuel Consumption there is the benefit of lower Fuel Cost, less Emissions, and less NOX and Particle Matter.

Service and Maintenance – Less Generator Runtime leads to less Generator Maintenance and Servicing.

Silent & Backup Power Requirements – The POWRBANK provides benefits to places that need constant power. There is the benefit of an added source of power, if other sources of power would breakdown or need maintenance. Also, the POWRBANK would keep the site or application running throughout the night with silent power.

Confined Spaces – The Benefits of using Renewable Power Systems are using the POWRBANK to supply power in spaces where generators are not permitted to run due to emissions or fire risk.



Lesson 4 Applications Video

Asymmetrical Load Profiles

Asymmetrical Load Profiles means a site where there is a peak load that is not proportionate with the regular power requirement. This occurs most commonly because of motor starts or other machines that have intermittent usage. In this instance the POWRBANK can be used in two ways. A smaller POWRBANK can handle the lower loads and the generator can start to handle the peaks. Alternatively, a larger POWRBANK can be sized to handle the peak load and a smaller generator just recharges the battery. Examples include: Tower cranes, construction hoists, submersible pumps, other motors.

Long Periods of Run Time 

We have found that most generator running more than a single shift are not constantly running at the generators optimal capacity. A hybrid can reduce the run time and provide the associated benefits. Examples include: Office trailers, site lighting.

Critical Power/Redundancy

When it is critical that power is maintained, even while a generator is being serviced, the battery can provide the peace of mind that power can still be available. Examples include: Live events, refinery turn-around, servers and monitoring equipment.

Extremely Remote Operations

Getting fuel and service technicians to extremely remote locations is extremely expensive. Reducing fuel usage and run time can be very effective at reducing cost. Examples include: Forward operating bases, oilfield, drill rigs, telecom towers, border control.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

This can include sensitivity to noise and/or emissions. Examples include – residential or inner city construction, green contractors/LEED builders, Large corporations looking to increase sustainability.

Specific Applications

Lesson 4 Video – Specific POWRBANK Uses
  1. Events – With a loss of generator noise at events through the Powr2 POWRBANK, it provides a more enjoyable experience for both the guests and those hosting. When an event is being live streamed, the POWRBANK prevents audio issues through preventing generator noise.
  2. Low Loads 24/7 – When a generator is running 24/7 for a low load, it is burning a huge portions of fuel only providing a low load. Operating at a low load can potentially damage the generator engine, if it was built for higher loads. With the Powr2 POWRBANK the generator can be turned off for 80% of the time, and the POWRBANK will provide the needed load without burning excess fuel and generator damage.
  3. Remote Work – Generators running in remote areas can cost a lot to maintain. With the POWRBANK you would be reducing the fuel costs and maintenance costs.
  4. Low Nigh Time Loads (Office Trailers) – At Construction sites, office trailers need to be powered overnight. Generators running these office trailers are constantly burning fuel and creating unwanted noise throughout the night. With the Powr2 POWRBANK, the office trailers can we powered throughout the night without causing unwanted noise and fuel emissions.
  5. Noise Ordinance – In cities and certain areas, there is a Noise Ordinance Preventing Construction from happening throughout certain time periods,. With the POWRBANK this solution is solved, the construction site can still we powered throughout the night without breaking the Noise Ordinance.
  6. Environmentally Sensitive Sites – Over the years companies are looking to introduce more environmentally friendly aspects to there business. The Powr2 POWRBANK is a great solution to there needs. With using a POWRBANK you are reducing emissions at a huge rate. Sites are also benefiting off the other great aspect the products brings to sites, such as silent power and saving money on fuel.

Types of Clients

Lesson 4 Video – Target Customer Types
  1. Event Organizers – When a company throws an event they are looking for the best quality for there visitors. Loud Generator noise and constant emissions is not beneficial to the success of an event. With the POWRBANK, the event can take place with silent power and no carbon emissions.
  2. Data Centers– Many Data Companies are trying to move towards a more environmentally friendly way of doing things. Running generators at these data centers, they are releasing a large amount of emissions. With the POWRBANK, generator runtime can be reduced up to 80% which leads to a decrease in emissions, as well as providing silent power and lower fuel costs.
  3. Green,LEED Builders – Companies that are dedicated to construct with an environmentally friendly mindset can benefit a lot for this products. The POWRBANK would reduce emissions while providing them power. There is also the added benefit of connecting the POWRBANK to renewable energy sources, you would be providing power with no carbon footprint.
  4. Sustainability Managers – Sustainability Managers usually have carbon reduction strategies and if they have temporary power requirements will appreciate the benefits the POWRBANK can add to their carbon reduction efforts.

POWRBANK Power Output and Generator Logics

A 30kVA Powrbank has a standby power rating of 30kVA and a peak power rating of 60kVA, however, in practice because of the controller logics the POWRBank is designed to only support loads between 20 and 30kVA for short periods of time; this isn’t because it can’t support those loads but because the most efficient use of the generator and battery power is to use battery power for lower loads over a longer period of time.

Lesson 5 POWRBANK Power Output and Generator Logics Video


Can the Renewable Power System Switch Between Single phase and three phase?

The units we are building in 2020 and from now on, they have a secondary single phase input for maintenance charge, so, on those, it is possible to have 1ph charge and 1ph and/or 3ph out, always bearing in mind that the maintenance charge has a limited charge power.

Can the Renewable Power System Switch Between 208v and 480v?

Not at the moment. A transformer must be used to achieve different oput put voltage. Remember the input voltage must be in accordance with the system design.

Can it provide 50HZ and 60HZ?

The frequency synchronizes with the input power source whether this be 50 or 60 HZ. When the unit is battery mode, it can be programmed to output 50 or 60Hz regardless the voltage output of the unit.

Can it be used as a UPS? 

Short answer is YES. We can say that the unit is an offline UPS, this means that when the ac source is available the internal transfer switch transfer/bypass the incoming power to the output. If the ac source fails/disappear, the unit will changeover automatically to battery mode in <20ms which means that sensitive equipment such as security cameras or computers can continue running seamlessly. If there is a particular application on which everything that we are powering is extremely sensitive, there is a setting on the Victron config called “UPS mode” that reduce further those <20s. However this setting can cause some issues if the gen set does not provide an almost pure signal does, this can happen with old generators. It is recommended to be only used with the grid or pretty good and stable gen sets, therefore this function is not used on our standard configuration but it is something we can look at for certain very specific applications. Our standard system is not an online UPS, therefore the unit does not re-generate the output. This could be done by splitting the system in chargers and inverters respectively but it would be a bespoke solution.

Can the Renewable Power Systems be used in parallel to form a larger power out put?

No. Not without a POWR2 technician reworking the wiring. We are looking for an easier way to do this.

Can the Renewable Power System be trailer mounted?


Who do we contact for tech support?

We have a comprehensive manual and training course, but should you have a question or issue you can always call our tech support line 1-800-354-4502

How long does the battery last?

This depends on how much power you use and the rating of the HES. So, for our 30kWhr Hybrid Energy Systems unit, assuming it is fully charged when you start, you can get 15 hours at an average of 2kW or 30 hours at an average of 1kW. We use Lithium Ion batteries so that even at high discharge speeds you won’t lose available power.

How much power can I get?

We offer a range of alternative ratings that give power outputs from 5kVA to 60kVA from our standard range. We can offer bespoke energy solutions up to 300kVA.

What is the output supply voltage?

Our standard systems come with the following voltage configuration: 120V 60Hz single phase, 120/208V 60Hz three phase.

How noisy is it?

Without a diesel generator running, the energy system is inaudible. There may be some fan noise when the unit is working hard but this is only detectable when you stand very close. Acoustic Pressure: @ 3ft: Trace, @ 10ft: 0

What maintenance is required?

The energy system is virtually maintenance free. Other than making sure the unit is charged up fully and regularly during use and before being put into storage, the maintenance regime is simply that of periodic inspection.

What is the battery service life?

We use the latest Lithium Ion batteries that have an expected life of 10,000 cycles to 70% of the original capacity. So, in a scenario where the unit is at a 70% utilization rate and cycles 3 times per day, the batteries will last well over 10 years.