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Silent Power Solution for Concrete Contractor

POWRBANK Energy Storage System In A Construction Site

The Challenge

A New England construction site at the early stages of construction, pouring concrete foundations and structures in February with no grid electricity supply. The overnight freezing temperatures required electric heat blankets to cover the newly poured concrete for proper curing.

With the lack of grid power generators were deployed onsite to give 24/7 power; a perfectly normal solution. Until…

Without notice the site was subjected to a noise ordinance prohibiting them to run generators overnight from 5pm to 7am and all day Sunday.

With the freezing temperatures persisting work could not proceed until an alternative power solution was found to support the curing blankets overnight.

The Solution

A trusted Powr2 rental partner was able to provide the solution. Within a few days six 60kWh Powrbanks were deployed and installed. The Powrbanks were configured to ensure there was enough energy storage to last throughout the noise restriction periods giving uninterrupted power. 

Thanks to the truly silent power solution the curing blankets were kept running overnight and thru Sunday so that the site was able to continue a full weekly work schedule schedule.

The Results

The graph below taken from the POWR2 PORTAL cloud energy management system shows the performance of one of the POWRBANKs.


  • Battery State of Charge (SOC) 0%-100% – PINK
  • Generator Power Output in kW – BROWN
  • POWRBANK Power Output in kW – BLUE
  • Outside Temperature – GREEN 

We see here the Powrbank arrives on site February 18 with batteries at 72%, it’s hooked up to the generator which charges the batteries up to 95%. At 5pm the generator has to be switched off; at which point the Powrbank takes over powering the concrete curing blankets which are consuming approx. 3.5 kilowatts for most of the night.

At 7.30 am the site opens up and the generators are switched on again to recharge the batteries to 100% and run the blankets as needed through the day. At 5pm the generators are turned off and the Powrbank takes over again for the night shift, and so the cycle continues through the week until the weekend when we see the Powrbank running the blankets from 3pm on Saturday right through to 7am on Monday – February 22 – 24.

Temperatures were dipping down to as low as 18 degrees Fahrenheit making the concrete curing blankets an absolute necessity.

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