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How to Connect the POWR2 POWRBANK to Any Traditional Diesel Generator

A traditional diesel generator can be connected to the POWR2 POWRBANK. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to connect the two.

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Connect Diesel Generators to POWR2 POWRBANKS

1. Follow Safety Guidelines

Before connecting the POWRBANK to a diesel generator, it is important to read and follow all safety guidelines indicated in the safety manual. The safety manual is in the compartment on the inside of the POWRBANK’s side door. It is important to understand the type of machinery you are working with. For more information, please see the answers to frequently asked questions on our website.


2. Make Sure the Diesel Generator is OFF, and the Inverters are OFF

Making sure the diesel generator is off before connecting to other devices is important to prevent any electrical mishaps while working on the machine.

Next, make sure that the inverters are off. To do this, open the top door of the POWRBANK and view the inverter indicator light on the POWRBANK ECM (Energy Control Module).

3. Engage the Emergency Stop (E-stop)

As an important step, check that the emergency stop on the POWRBANK is engaged. The emergency stop is pushed in all the way when it is on.

4. Connecting the Cam Cables to the POWRBANK

Take the generator cam cables and connect each cable one by one to the corresponding color on the POWRBANK. Twist to connect and lock the cables. After doing so, the POWRBANK is now ready to charge!

Understanding these key steps will help you quickly connect the POWRBANK to any traditional diesel generator and make the smooth transition to clean, silent power. Interested in learning more about the benefits of the POWRBANK? Contact us today.

Integrating a POWRBANK with a Diesel Generator: The Benefits

The POWRBANK can increase the asset life of diesel generators by reducing engine runtime. In typical applications, a POWRBANK charge-time can be as little as 4 hours. This means, when power is needed 24 hours per day, the POWRBANK reduces diesel generator runtime down to about just under 4 hours per day.

POWRBANKS not only increases the asset life of diesel generators but also decreases generator maintenance frequency. They also silence excessive noise and reduce CO2 emissions and fuel usage. The POWRBANK can reduce generator maintenance frequency from every 1-2 weeks to once every 2 months.  When used with a diesel generator, the POWRBANK can reduce 80% of CO2 emissions and save 83% of fuel costs with its clean, silent energy.

The POWRBANK is also used with renewable sources for a 100% zero-emission solution.