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What is the Charge Time and Run Time of a POWRBANK?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how long it takes to charge a POWRBANK energy storage unit and what is the runtime at full charge.

POWRBANK Charge Time

Diesel generators, renewable sources, or even the grid can charge the POWRBANK energy storage system. The amount of time it takes to charge an off grid battery like the POWRBANK will depend on the size and type of power source. In typical applications, it takes 3 to 4 hours for a full charge.

The integration of the POWRBANK energy storage system will increase diesel generator asset life by significantly cutting engine hours. The POWRBANK energy control module (ECM) controls the generator, limiting diesel usage to recharge the battery only. In typical applications that require power 24 hours a day, the generator runs for only 4 hours versus 24.

Check out this online tool to calculate the charge time in your specific application.


The runtime of a POWRBANK can vary significantly depending on the storage capacity of the POWRBANK and the energy usage rate. We encourage customers to contact us so that we can help them select the off grid battery that is best sized for the job or specific application.

Duration is calculated by dividing the kWh battery size by the load in kW. For example, a customer using a 30kWh POWRBANK and an average of 2kW load size will get around 15 hours of power at full charge. If they are using an average of 1kW, the off grid battery will last over 30 hours on a single charge.

Typically, a POWRBANK at full charge can provide up to 20 hours of power. That means 20 hours free from diesel engine noise and CO2 emissions.

POWRBANK energy storage system in the field

Have any questions about POWRBANKS? Reach out to the POWR2 technical service team for additional support on operating your POWRBANK. You can also check out our POWRBANK FAQ page for more details. 

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