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Reduce CO2 Emissions on Construction Sites

Most reports estimate that building operations and construction account for 40% of global CO2 emissions. According to Architecture 2030, 27% of emissions annually are from building operations while 13% result from infrastructure materials and construction.

With the increase in CO2 emissions from building operations and construction, large companies have been implementing energy reduction targets. They are making the transition from traditional energy sources to more sustainable solutions. POWR2’s Director of Innovation, Tim Doling, indicates, “There is a real big push for construction companies to look at emission-free power or other sustainable options.”

POWR2 is at the forefront of this energy transition with POWRBANK sustainable energy storage solutions to help construction companies reduce CO2 emissions on site.

The POWRBANK helps:

Construction Companies Meet Sustainability Goals

Construction companies can reduce up to 80% of CO2 emissions by using a POWRBANK battery for generator coupling. Combining a POWRBANK energy storage solution with a diesel generator helps companies meet aggressive CO2 reduction targets. This reduction goes a long way to offsetting CO2 and meeting aggressive goals.

Cut CO2 Emissions and Fuel Usage

POWRBANK customers can save 80% on diesel fuel usage. Using the POWRBANK with renewable energy sources creates a 100% emission-free power solution on construction sites.

Increase the Asset Life of Existing Generator Fleets

The POWRBANK charges in 1–4 hours, depending on the power source. This means that the diesel generator is only used for less than 4 hours when it is charging the battery. This reduced engine time increases the life of the generator asset. It also reduces regular maintenance frequency.

At POWR2, clients can rely on the team to provide the best solutions for their sustainability goals. Tim explains, “The thing I like best about working at POWR2 is my face-to-face interaction with customers, learning about their challenges with the energy transition, and how to solve them.”

Let POWR2 help you accomplish this transition by connecting with a team member today.