Emission-Free Industrial Energy Storage System

A sustainable future starts with clean energy
Product Specifications
60 Hz 50 Hz
PRO 30.60/208
  • Volts​ 208
  • kVA​ 30
  • kWh​ 60
  • Phase​ 3 Phase
Product Specifications
60 Hz 50 Hz
PRO 45.60/400​
  • Volts 400
  • kVA 45
  • kWh 60
  • Phase 3 Phase

Quality Engineering

POWRBANK Batteries Close Up
POWRBANK Energy Storage Systems Lined Up
On-Demand Energy Control

POWR2 Advanced
Energy Management System

You’re in charge of your energy.

ADVANTAGE Energy Management System Toggle Timers

Set generator and load timers from ADVANTAGE screen onsite. Command your energy, control the noise and fuel usage.

Keep stakeholders informed, effortlessly.

Stay Informed-high

Quickly share fuel, CO2, and cost savings. Create and share standard or customized reports. Automatically deliver the data stakeholders want to their inbox before they even have a chance to ask for it.

Control, customize, and scale.

Historical Data

Optimize generator operation with Input Current Limit and Remote Control. Set multiple generator timers based on algorithms and according to your requirements.

ADVANTAGE Energy Management System Toggle Timers
Stay Informed-high
Historical Data
Sample Applications

Energy Transition in Action

Energy Storage System Custom Engineering​

Does your project portfolio have a unique green energy requirement? We will work with your engineering team to customize a high-quality solution that meets your fleets energy need.