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POWRBANK User Errors and How To Resolve Them

If you are new to using the POWRBANK, you might stumble upon some common user errors. Prior to using the POWRBANK, it’s important to read and follow all safety instructions as outlined in the manual. The manual can be found on the inside pocket of the right-hand door on every unit. It is also available digitally. The manual provides a clear understanding of how to use the POWRBANK. Here are three tips to help you avoid the most common user errors when operating the POWRBANK for the first time.

POWRBANK User Error 1: Inverters are OFF

One of the main errors that POWRBANK users make is having the inverters off. For the POWRBANK to operate, you must ensure that the inverters are on. To turn the inverters on, use the touchscreen energy control module (ECM) located behind the POWRBANK’s top front door. The screen will indicate when the inverters are on.

POWRBANK Touchscreen Energy Control Module (ECM)

POWRBANK User Error 2: The Bottom Door is Not Closed Completely

Another common error users make is not closing the POWRBANK’s bottom door completely. The bottom door is installed with a limit switch. If the door is not completely closed, the limit switch will prevent the unit from turning on.

POWRBANK Bottom Door

POWRBANK User Error 3: The Emergency Stop is Not Released

A third error POWRBANK users make is trying to operate the unit when the Emergency Stop (E-stop) is engaged. When the E-stop is engaged, it will be pushed in all the way. Release the E-stop by turning it. When it has been released, grooves will be visible about half an inch from its base.

Please reach out POWR2 technical service team for additional support on operating your POWRBANK. You can also check out our POWRBANK FAQ page for more details.

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