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Communication, Trust, and Sustainability – Insights from POWR2’s New Account Executive, Luis Corona

Luis Corona - POWR2 Account Executive

At the heart of any successful company lies the pillars of trust and communication.

Luis Corona, POWR2’s new Account Executive, places immense value on maintaining excellent communication with POWR2 customers. He emphasizes, “Communication is the key to nurturing relationships and strengthening trust.”

In Fostering Trust, Communication is Key

POWR2 is a rapidly growing company, driven by a well-defined vision and an innovative portfolio of cutting-edge energy storage products. In this dynamic industry, effective communication is paramount in developing and growing customer relationships.

Clear and meaningful interactions are essential for partner trust and satisfaction. Luis, POWR2’s primary point of contact for many valued customers, places immense importance on the development and preservation of trust. “I highly value that trust and prioritize developing it further,” says Luis. He recognizes that trust is an ongoing journey and remains steadfast in his commitment to continually enhance and strengthen it with every interaction. Luis demonstrates an unwavering commitment to nurturing trust through transparent and open communication.

Empowering Sustainability Through POWR2

Beyond his professional role, Luis also revealed his personal commitment to sustainability. He believes that sustainability is an ideal and tangible means to enhance the quality of life and preserve natural resources for future generations.

“I’ve always believed that sustainability projects should be a part of every applicable company’s roadmap. I’m very happy to be able to play my part in spreading the availability of sustainable energy through POWR2,” he passionately shared.

Luis consistently upholds his promises, ensuring that customers can rely on him for unwavering support and guidance when needed. Aligned with POWR2’s core vision, Luis goes beyond merely aiding customers in their transition to sustainable energy; he actively assists them in achieving their sustainability objectives.

In his own words, Luis states, “I believe that POWR2 products are excellent assets that help our customers reach their sustainability goals. POWR2’s energy storage solutions help reduce noise, air pollution, CO2 emissions, fuel costs, and even maintenance costs.”

POWRBANK Sustainable Energy Storage Solution

POWR2 has leveraged advanced technology and a strong commitment to sustainability to develop sustainable energy solutions.  POWRBANK Battery Energy Storage systems (BESS) are critical to a sustainable energy future. They not only facilitate the reduction of carbon emissions but also seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources, elevate overall energy efficiency, manage peak loads, and offer cost savings.

“The best thing about the POWRBANK,” as conveyed by Luis, “is its ease of use and convenience it offers our customers.” The ease of use and unparalleled convenience demonstrated by POWRBANK distinguish it from the competition, establishing a new benchmark. This not only simplifies the path towards sustainable energy for customers but also makes a greener future more accessible.

“I’m very excited to join POWR2,” Luis shares, “I look forward to watching the company grow and innovate even more in the future.”

Contact our POWR2 team to learn more about POWRBANK battery energy storage systems.