powrbank max battery energy storage

MAX Power
For Large-Scale Applications

MAX fuel savings with clean energy
Product Specifications
MAX 250.500/480
  • Volts 480
  • kW 250
  • kWh 500
  • Phase 3
POWRBANK MAX Energy Storage
eliminate generator oversizing and noise

Clean Power for Peak and Low Loads

The POWRBANK MAX is a battery energy storage system that can handle large loads including, but not limited to, tower cranes, pumps, and hoists.

The POWRBANK MAX eliminates generator over-sizing by handling both the peak demand at engine start-up, as well as the low loads. The power generator is only used to recharge the POWRBANK MAX.

versatile bess spanning multiple industries

Power High-Capacity Equipment



Tower Cranes, Concrete Mixers, Hoists, Water Dams, De-Watering



Batch Cooling, Cyclic Chiller Applications, Motor Starting w/T4F, Backup Power



Capacitive load mitigation



Run mining equipment and rock crushers

On-Demand Energy Control

POWR2 Advanced
Energy Management System

You’re in charge of your energy.

ADVANTAGE Energy Management System Toggle Timers

Set generator and load timers from ADVANTAGE screen onsite. Command your energy, control the noise and fuel usage.

Keep stakeholders informed, effortlessly.

Stay Informed-high

Quickly share fuel, CO2, and cost savings. Create and share standard or customized reports. Automatically deliver the data stakeholders want to their inbox before they even have a chance to ask for it.

Control, customize, and scale.

Historical Data

Optimize generator operation with Input Current Limit and Remote Control. Set multiple generator timers based on algorithms and according to your requirements.

ADVANTAGE Energy Management System Toggle Timers
Stay Informed-high
Historical Data

MAX Power. MAX Savings.

Save on Maintenance Costs

While traditional diesel generators require significant upkeep and maintenance, POWRBANKs are renowned for their low-maintenance nature. This advantage lightens the load on your labor resources, empowering you to focus on business growth.

Extend Lifespan of Generator Assets

Optimize the health and longevity of your generator assets by effectively reducing generator runtime and lowering the risk of wet stacking. Rather than operating round-the-clock, the generator exclusively serves to recharge the POWRBANK MAX.

Expand Services & Unlock New Markets

Sustainable energy solutions like the POWRBANK MAX expand your ability to tackle a wider range of customer challenges and gives your company a competitive edge. With the POWRBANK MAX, you can cater to a broader customer base, meet diverse energy demands, and boost profitability.

Remotely Monitor in Real-Time

Every POWRBANK is equipped with an intuitive Energy Control Module (ECM) for seamless management. Users have convenient 24/7 access to the ECM and performance data online via the POWR2 portal. Effortlessly oversee battery performance, genset runtime, and energy consumption for optimal control.

POWRBANK MAX Energy Storage

Award-Winning Technology

NED Innovation Award POWRBANK MAX

POWR2 POWRBANK MAX Wins New Equipment Digest’s Innovation Award 2023

POWRBANK MAX Energy Storage

BESS, POWRBANK MAX Now Available – Revolutionary Energy Storage


POWRBANK MAX Wins Rental 2022 Editor’s Choice Award