Team POWR2

Powr2 is a young and innovating design and manufacturing company in the fast developing renewable energy sector; we specialize in hybrid energy systems for the temporary power market. We’re looking for dynamic persons to join our dynamic team. If you are energetic, passionate, hard-working and down to earth let’s talk.

On this page you’ll find our open positions; if the job you’re looking for isn’t here check back soon.

Telesales Representative

The Telesales Representative role starts with a heavy focus on outbound calling to identify and reach potential clients; in order to be successful in this role you must have excellent communication skills, including a clear, confident speaking voice and a friendly rapport with customers. While you may work from a script, you must also have the ability to be flexible and creative in dealing with customers. You must represent the company in a positive light at all times; this means you are a optimistic person who isn’t easily upset and who naturally likes working with others.

You must be comfortable presenting products or services over the phone as well as dealing with complaints and doubts. Your goal is to help the company grow by bringing in customers and developing business.

Telesales Representatives must be persuasive and highly motivated to close the next step in the sales process. Since it is often necessary to establish a relationship with a client before a successful sale, you must also be patient and persistent.

Please click apply when you have 45 minutes of undistracted time. You will be taken to another site where you will complete the application and pre-employment testing; this streamlines our process and ultimately takes less time for you. Thanks for your interest!