Net Zero Power for Events

Fast installation and Easy integration

Savings with POWR2 Battery Storage Systems

co2 emission free
co2 emission free

CO2 Emission Free

Lower your event’s carbon footprint and make the easy transition to clean energy with significantly reduced CO2 emissions.


Silent Power

Silent power provides a more enjoyable experience for both attendees and hosts and prevents audio issues in live streams. ​


Plug & Play

Once the POWRBANK is set up, it requires no maintenance in the field.


Reduce Fuel Costs

POWRBANKs reduce diesel engine runtime by up to 83% ​

How POWR2 works.

Silent Power That Cuts Up to 80% of CO2 Emissions

Intelligent Onboard and Remote Energy Control

POWR2 is Driven by data for better energy optimization

Energy Control Module

Efficiency and Ease-of-Use
  • Remote control of connected systems: Inverters, Genset, Solar PV, Grid, Batteries, Meters, Sensors, etc.
  • Multiple layers of logic to maximize efficiency and increase the asset life of connected components.​
  • Control loads by kWh, kVA, Time, and many other metrics. Ensure energy is never wasted or used outside of defined terms.​

Energy Management Software

Simple. Intuitive. Customizable​
  • Remote asset management with real-time alerts​
  • Ability to delegate customer access​
  • Access data from all sources in one place displayed however and wherever you want to see it​
Live View on Laptop Rebranded

Hybrid Power Solution for ENR Top 20 Green Contractor


Silent Power Solution for Concrete Contractor


POWR2 and Milton CAT Provide Clean, Sustainable Energy to CSS Farms

Case Studies

POWR2 Makes a Difference