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Coming in January 2024: Leading the Charge Podcast


Coming in January 2024, a new podcast where we talk about innovation and insights and the industry of sustainable energy. Join us for conversations with experts in equipment rental, construction, events, and the field of sustainable energy. Sponsored by POWR2, the show is hosted by POWR2’s Director of Innovation, Tim Doling, and POWR2 marketer, Kevin Sturmer.




Kevin Sturmer (0:02)

This is Leading the Charge where we talk innovation and insights in the industry of sustainable energy. Leading the charge is brought to you by POWR2, a global provider of energy storage solutions. Let’s simplify sustainability. And now from the power to studio, and broadcasting everywhere from LeadingtheCharge.io, here are your hosts, Tim Doling, and Kevin Sturmer.

Welcome to leading the charge, where we talk battery energy storage, insights, innovation and the industry of sustainable energy. My name is Kevin and I work in the marketing department of a company called POWR2. With me today is Tim Doling, he is the Director of Innovation at POWR2. And if you keep asking, why are we saying POWR2, POWR2? Well, it’s spelled P O, W, R, and the number two and that’s the company we work for. And we are driven by a vision of a world powered by sustainable energy.

Tim Doling (0:54)

What I always tell people is just just look at what you’re doing today with an open mind and see if there’s potential for new technology. And what does that really mean? So all of our clients who have fleets of generators, typically they’d have remote monitoring, so they can see how the generator is performing, they can see fuel levels, they can see other fluid levels, so they can monitor all that. So we say look at your remote monitoring systems, and look at any generators initially that are running 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you’ve got some generators running in that way, what you’ll always find is the load is not consistently at where it needs to be to keep the generator running at its maximum efficiency. So if you look at that, and you can see generators that are running below their potential, Is there potential then to add in batteries to iron out those peaks and troughs. So that’s just a really low risk for people to actually just look at the data and see if there’s potential. And then what we do at POWR2 is we try and simplify sustainability as one of our tagline simplify sustainability. So we try and take data that customers give us and say, yes, there’s potential or No, there’s not potential for batteries. Yes, it makes sense. Well, no, it doesn’t. So it’s no we don’t want that to be a risk. And we don’t want to sugarcoat anything for them will tell them the pluses and the minuses for adding in energy storage to an existing system. And that’s just a really easy way for customers to look at it initially.

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