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BESS, POWRBANK MAX Now Available – Revolutionary Energy Storage

The Next Step in the Green Energy Transition

POWR2 has unveiled the largest POWRBANK BESS to date, the POWRBANK MAX. Revolutionizing the industrial energy storage space, this 500kVA+ solution meets extended use cases for high-capacity equipment. It eliminates generator oversizing, even further reducing CO2 emissions and fuel waste.

The POWRBANK MAX is a rental-ready, emission-free, silent power solution. Designed with the construction and rental industries in mind, the POWRBANK MAX can handle temporary-power applications including, but not limited to, tower cranes, large pumps, and hoists. A BESS (battery energy storage system) like POWRBANKs significantly reduce generator run time, offset CO2 emissions, and eliminate unnecessary noise. They help businesses run their operations on clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Customer demand fueled the development of the POWRBANK MAX. POWR2 customers in the construction and events industries use smaller kWh POWRBANKs to run items like office trailers, lights, security systems, AV equipment, and refrigeration. They saw the opportunity to increase savings and sustainability if they could use energy storage systems for larger equipment as well.  

Construction equipment has a significant power demand at start-up. In the case of a tower crane, they are often starting and stopping. Initially, there is a huge load of power and then it switches off. The inrush current of a motor typically determines the size of the generator needed. They are often oversized for most of the job. The BESS, POWRBANK MAX, can help eliminate generator oversizing.

Previous POWRBANK BESS models reduce generator runtime and fuel requirements by handling the low load periods, while the generator handles the load spikes. However, the POWRBANK MAX can now handle both the peak load as well as the low load. The power generator is only used to recharge the POWRBANK battery. The fuel and emissions savings in this reverse application is even greater because a lower-capacity generator can be used. 

Energy Storage at Scale

“Companies are setting increasingly aggressive CO2 emission reduction targets. They are demanding clean energy solutions at scale,” said Tim Doling, Director of Innovation at POWR2. “The POWRBANK MAX accelerates the transition with large-scale storage not previously offered.”

The POWRBANK MAX can provide up to 500kVA of power output with that amount increasing to 1MW in 2023. Available sizes are currently 250KW and 500KW. Depending on the size of the POWRBANK and the generator, a full charge can be reached in as little as 1 hour. That means, when power is required 24 hours a day, generator runtime can be shortened from 24 hours down to just under 1 hour per day.

The power capability of the POWRBANK MAX will accelerate CO2 emission reduction, helping rental companies and their customers cut CO2 emissions, and improve energy efficiency. We are one step closer to a world powered by sustainable energy.

POWRBANK MAX (BESS) Battery Energy Storage System