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POWRBANK Applications

The POWRBANK is a versatile industrial energy storage solution. Many different temporary power applications use energy storage. Here are a few common POWRBANK applications and use cases.


Nighttime Loads (Office Trailers)

POWRBANK application - office trailer

Popular POWRBANK applications include keeping construction site security systems running uninterrupted with silent power all night long. With the POWR2 POWRBANK, the office trailers can we powered throughout the night without causing unwanted noise and fuel emissions.

Low Loads 24/7

POWRBANK application - office trailer

A generator running 24/7 burns a huge portion of fuel, regardless of a low load. Low loads can potentially damage the engine. The POWRBANK reduces fuel burn by turning off the generator around 80% of the time.

Noise Ordinance


City noise ordinances outline specific hours when noise needs to be kept below a certain decibel. The POWRBANK discharges stored power completely silently making it the ideal solution to keep power running around the clock while complying with public noise restrictions.

Live Events

POWRBANK Applications - Live Events

Silent power provides a more enjoyable experience for both attendees and hosts. When an event is live streamed, the POWRBANK eliminates generator noise to prevent audio issues.

Remote Sites

POWRBANK Application - Construction

Remote locations can cause costly challenges when it comes to refueling and maintenance. The POWRBANK eliminates these challenges by lowering fuel need and reducing service frequency.

Environmentally Sensitive Sites

Low Maintenance, Long Asset Life

As companies look to lower their carbon footprint, the POWRBANK is a great solution to help them make the transition to clean energy and meet their sustainability goals. The POWRBANK reduces emissions at a huge rate.

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