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Plug in, stay charged, and join us as we take a deep dive into sustainable energy, groundbreaking power technologies, and the integration of clean energy into business profitability plans. We will engage in thought-provoking conversations that highlight the pivotal role of energy storage in shaping the future of power and planet.

Episode 2 – Making Your Events More Sustainable

In this episode, Kevin and Tim discuss sustainable events with Michelle Fox, the founder of MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events). They explore the triple bottom line of sustainability and the benefits of making events more sustainable. They also discuss the role of power banks in making events greener and how POWR2 and MUSE intersect in the sustainability and energy space. The conversation covers topics such as remote settings, evaluating ROI, and the impact of location and climate on battery performance. The episode concludes with a discussion on how to get involved with MUSE and the future of the organization.

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Leading The Charge Podcast
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