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POWR2 Announces The First UL/CSA Certified POWRBANK – The POWRBANK XPRO Plus

[Bethel, CT, January 25, 2024] POWR2, a global leader in sustainable mobile power solutions, is proud to announce the upcoming availability of the revolutionary, UL Listed and CSA certified BESS (battery energy storage system) – the POWRBANK XPRO Plus.

The POWRBANK XPRO Plus exemplifies POWR2’s dedication to cutting-edge solutions. These UL Listed and CSA certified BESS are not only portable but can also run in parallel and support DC charging all while maintaining the same compact footprint. This innovative technology not only addresses the environmental impact of temporary power but also supports companies in achieving their profitability goals and meeting regulatory requirements.

POWR2 has been a driving force in transforming temporary power solutions, catering to industries such as equipment rental, construction, events, and film/TV across more than 16 countries. With a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in temporary power applications, POWR2 has consistently pushed the boundaries of mobile battery energy storage system (BESS) technology.

One of POWR2’s distinguishing features is its collaborative approach with clients. The company works closely with customers to develop bespoke solutions tailored to their unique objectives. This partnership-oriented strategy eliminates confusion and provides a clear path forward for clients in adopting sustainable mobile power solutions.

POWR2 has gained the trust of top equipment rental companies globally, including United Rentals, Aggreko, Boels, Garic LTD, Kennards Hire, Woodlands Power, Blue Diamond Machinery, and many more. These companies rely on POWR2’s BESS technology to meet their clients’ diverse energy needs, contributing to a sustainable and resilient future internationally.


POWR2 is a leading manufacturer of clean portable power solutions that help businesses meet their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. ​Innovative solutions from POWR2 drive profitability and sustainability with cutting-edge battery energy storage system technology. POWR2 is headquartered in Bethel, CT with distribution worldwide.

Visit POWR2 or join the conversation on our LinkedIn page, and let’s simplify sustainability.