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POWR2 Revolutionizes BESS Monitoring and Control with ADVANTAGE

POWR2, a global leader in sustainable, portable power technology, introduces ADVANTAGE, a new and enhanced energy management solution. Engineered to optimize energy usage and enhance control over POWR2’s renowned POWRBANK battery energy storage system (BESS), ADVANTAGE delivers unparalleled performance in portable energy management. ADVANTAGE is comprised of an innovative energy control module (ECM) and an energy management cloud (EMC). Every POWRBANK will come standard with ADVANTAGE, enabling users to out-save the competition.

ADVANTAGE by POWR2 offers a suite of features designed to streamline on-site operations and provide unparalleled control over energy usage:

  • Effortless Management: For ultimate control, users can access ADVANTAGE and control the battery, generator, and load remotely, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Users can precisely toggle energy sources on and off through customizable timers, ensuring efficient power operations without manual intervention.
  • Jobsite Optimization: Customize power strategies to suit the unique needs of each jobsite or event. The new energy monitoring platform provides detailed reports on energy generation and usage based on specific applications. This granular information enables informed, proactive decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Attain unprecedented visibility into POWRBANK’s performance with heightened reporting accuracy. Users gain a comprehensive view of energy flow, CO2 and fuel saving, battery performance, genset runtime, and energy consumption. ADVANTAGE puts key information instantly in the hands of the people who need it. Performance alerts, including generator or POWRBANK outages, are immediately reported, enabling faster response and reduced downtime.
  • Job-Specific Grouping and Fleet Management: Effortlessly group multiple POWRBANKs by jobsite, geographical location, or end-user fleet, streamlining oversight and simplifying management. This time-saving functionality provides a comprehensive view of POWRBANK performance within the context of a specific group. Fleet management through ADVANTAGE grouping is a unique offering not currently available from other BESS within this category.
  • Future-Ready Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology from POWR2. ADVANTAGE is equipped to evolve alongside the industry, ensuring that POWR2 energy management remains state-of-the-art and future-proof.
ADVANTAGE battery energy management system by POWR2

ADVANTAGE by POWR2 empowers users to monitor and control the generator and battery through one online portal,” says Tim Doling, POWR2’s Director of Innovation. “No other battery technology company in this space currently offers that ability. Designed to give customers a decisive competitive edge, ADVANTAGE sets a new industry standard by giving users unprecedented control and data insights.”

POWR2 is committed to revolutionizing temporary power solutions on a global scale, serving industries like equipment rental, construction, events, and film/TV production across more than 19 countries. The groundbreaking POWRBANK battery energy storage systems are at the forefront of sustainable power solutions, aiming to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in temporary power applications. POWR2’s dedication to research and development has led to cutting-edge BESS technology, helping businesses achieve their profitability and sustainability objectives.

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POWR2 is a leading manufacturer of clean portable power solutions that help businesses meet their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. ​Innovative solutions from POWR2 drive profitability and sustainability with cutting-edge battery energy storage system technology. POWR2 is headquartered in Bethel, CT with distribution worldwide. Visit POWR2 or join the conversation on our LinkedIn page, and let’s simplify sustainability.